I bought my first vibrator

I’m an adult. I have been one for years, like a few, like more than ten okay. So, I saw this post on this girl I follow on instagram and she had this tiny blue thing in her hands and below, on her caption, she explained about this vibe and I thought it was cute and I went to the link and started reading.

I have never been afraid of self-pleasure. Is healthy and without a male that owns a penis you have to get inventive, or watch porn, or read some smut or just start sending text messages to guys to see if there’s anyone that might take bait so you could like bang, get yours and block that number until you need him again.

A vibe, owing a vibe is different. You just have to charge it and then done. You’re ready.

But is not really like that. There are several circumstances that might have stopped you from getting one; from sharing your room to being afraid about self gratification can cause some some sort of fear to either get caught or foolishly believing god will punish you because you are having sex by yourself instead of sharing the cake with everyone else. Prevents you getting pregnant because well you’re doing it safe, unless you’re doing it wrong then in that case even I will judge you.

There are a few things one must consider before purchasing.

Since there are several different types of vibes you need to research and check which one would serve in you the best. The materials; some women are more sensitive to different materials, the purpose of the vibe is one main thing one should know. Vibes are for all women above the age of 18. I don’t want no police knocking at my door. Why I set the bar at 18, most girls would have lost their virginity at that age or are thinking about sex around this age. Let me tell you that I am trying to stay as PG as possible. I know what’s going on in the world and underage sex but lest continue pretending is only legal consenting adults out there getting some.

Going back aging to the purpose of the vibe. I mean theres’s the two categories I know. I hope that those are the only two. The ones you insert inside your vagina and the ones for the exterior, you know, clit action.

I started with the exterior one. Not that I would even dare since the thing is so damn small. I’m afraid it would get logged in there vibrating for hours and hours and I’d have to do the walk of shame to the ER and my scan ends up in the local news or some Instagram meme or Reddit page.

When I said research before I also want to include the Know How’s of the vibe.

These were a few things I learned after getting my friend and using it for the first few months. I was new to this so I had a few fails, and was finally able to get ‘there’.

  • First of all you need to be excited or aroused or horny because if you’re not is going to feel like hell.
  • Lube. Depends on the material the vibe is made off so read the box, go to the web page, call customer service or just head to pornhub.com and use your own.
  • If you are new to this Patience is the key. Trust me, is not the same manually than with a vibrating machine. Starting slow even if you don’t reach orgasm the first time is better than hurting yourself.
  • Some sensitivity may occur haver a long session, so take care of yourself.
  • If it’s too strong for you use it over your underwear.
  • Hygiene. Keep it on a safe spot. Not only covered from any dust or anything that might contaminate it. Remember this is going to touch you in the most sensitive place you own but that this place is prone to react. Also, wash your friend after each session. What if your man…. hell I don’t even want to go there.
  • Don’t just press it and leave there, experiment. Move it around, find out what works on you.
  • Long session might make it warm, if it’s too warm stop and test it on your inner arm. Imagine having to explain your doctor how you got that second degree burn in your vagina.
  • Be gentle. Even if you like it rough, star slow and then you can build up and get as rough as you want.
  • Some women like nipple play so it can be used as an all over the body toy. But again, if you’re not excited its only going to hurt.

Finally, I’m going to tell you about the one I got. Is called the PlusOne Vibrating Bullet and is pretty cheap, less than $10 US dollars.

Is 3 inches and has 10 speeds and modes. Is water proof, for some shower action but I prefer my bed. This is one strong bastard and the people that say it might be too loud, it only is if it’s not between your legs and is very faint the amount of sound this little guy is able to do.

I recommend it. Is easy to hide, fast to charge and fun to play with, and is so pretty. I give it 8/10 because I can’t be biased on the only vibe I have tried in my life. My only concern is the blue light, is too bright, if you’re trying to hide it while using it make sure the light is covered.

Oh and when you’re able to achieve orgasm on your own you feel like you can do anything in the world. Also helps with not being able to fall asleep and sadness.